CITADELIC @ SMAK CONCERTS | Vermeulen + Charles Gayle, Barcella en Cabras

S.M.A.K., SMAK-café, Troika vzw, Q'Onda? vzw and el NEGOCITO Records present CITADELIC @ SMAK CONCERTS

27 april 2017
GAYLE BARCELLA CABRAS (Charles Gayle / Giovanni Barcella / Manolo Cabras)

Erik Vermeulen The Belgian master piano player gives an insight into his universe of composition and improvisation. A unique intimate encounter of a man and his piano.

Gayle Barcella Cabras Freejazz icon Charles Gayle, submerged in the Afro American tradition, found his Holy Fire on the crossroads of free expression and the gospel. Local Italian heros Gio'Pantzer' Barcella and Manolo Cabras share his musical urge. The release tour of this energetic trio's firstborn.

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