Help set the Idiosyncratic Machine in motion!

The artist Kristof Van Gestel invites you, the visitor, to engage with the form-generating drawing and cutting machine that he has developed over the last few years.

Starting out from the in-between spaces that everyday objects give rise to, unexpected abstract forms take shape as a result of a systematic interplay in several stages. By playing an active part in this creation process, you can make your own use of this method in a playful and active manner. On the basis of this intense experience, you will automatically reflect on such notions as chance and choice, individuality and communality, action and reflection, process and product, and the role and meaning of art.

Practical info

  • You can book your participation in this creation process as a group. If you would like to take part with colleagues, friends, family, your class or any other group, you can choose your own date and time between 12.3 and 14.5.2017. You can do it under the guidance of the artist or one of the S.M.A.K.’s guides.
    • Duration of workshops: 2 hours.
    • Number of participants: max. 20.
    • Price: admission free + 100 euro per guide. Schools: admission free + 75 euro per guide.

  • If you would like to take part as an individual, you can join one of the workshops led by the artist himself. They take place at 2 pm on Wednesdays and 10.30 on Sundays, from 12.3 to 14.5.2017.
    • Duration of workshops: 2 hours.
    • Number of participants: max. 20.
    • Price: the price of admission to the museum.
  • For more information and/or bookings, contact

This project is the final stage of Van Gestel’s time as artist-in-residence at S.M.A.K., which started in January 2016. During this period, among other things he perfected this machine with several S.M.A.K. teams. This experience-oriented introduction to the artist’s work is an element of Knowing by Doing, a platform for participatory art projects that Van Gestel set up as part of his research at the KASK/School of Arts (HoGent). Kristof Van Gestel is supported by the KASK/School of Arts (HoGent). You will find more information about the exhibition here.

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