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Saturday 11 February is 'Academy Day' across Flanders. We celebrate this day together with the Academy of Performing Arts (APK) of Ghent, which fills the museum with numerous activities.

The students of APK like to show what is on offer and take inspiration from the various exhibitions in S.M.A.K.

You are more than welcome to join the free improvisations in the halls by the vocal, trombone, piano and word classes.

In the Kunstenbad (Arts Pool) you will be immersed in Philippe Van Snick's expo. You start with a movement assignment in the halls, hear the story about little Philippe Van Snick and follow visual and musical workshops. Afterwards, you will explore on your own, to see performance.

Practical information
  • Saturday 11 February 2023 between 11:00 and 16:30.
  • The Kunstenbad (Arts Pool) continues at 12:00, 13:00 or 14:00 for families with children aged 6 and over. Meet in the entrance hall.
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