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18.Feb.23 until 26.Feb.23
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Do the discovery tour and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Philippe Van Snick. If you want to find out more about our collection exhibition, you can do so via our WhatsApp challenge. Or unravel the mysteries in Rose Wylie's exhibition as image detectives.

On discovery in the Philippe Van Snick exhibition

Philippe Van Snick Lingots 1993

What is so special about an ellipse and what can you do with ten pushpins? Through various assignments you will delve into the work of Philippe Van Snick. When you step outside again, you will look at the world differently: you will see shapes, colours and lines everywhere that you didn't even notice before. Exciting, isn't it?

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Take on the WhatsApp challenge with our live chat. Our guide will challenge your creativity!

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We challenge your family, relatives or friends via our Whatsapp-challenge! Our guide will be at the buttons and sends you on your way through the collection exhibition. As you walk around the museum rooms, you will be given surprising assignments, facts and challenges. Go along in search of special details, find the answer to quiz questions and take a group photo. You can share via Instagram or Facebook, tag: #lovesmak and @smakgent.

Only in Dutch.

Listen to the Image Detectives in the exhibition by Rose Wylie

20221123 Ambassadeurs Workshop RW Foto Kurt Stockman SMAK Screen 2048px 150dpi 06763

Nothing more exciting than unravelling a mystery. And paintings often carry such mysteries. That's why we call in our image detectives: 19 students from the Mandala school here in Ghent. An image detective looks for answers, in works of art. It is someone who can look carefully. Who notices things other people might not see. Follow the image dective's quest and see more together. Listen carefully and then explore for yourself!

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