Lawrence Weiner

During his early years as an artist, Weiner made paintings from which he removed the corners and objects from which he cut away squares. In these works, the removal of matter took precedence. Familiarisation with the art and ideas of Sol LeWitt proved to be a turning point for Weiner. The artist’s interest in the external appearance of artworks diminished. Further still, he considers text to be equivalent to art executed in material form and uses language both as a ‘sculptural material’ and as the principal medium for his visual practice. After all, language is ‘the most objective thing’ (the least object-like thing) invented by man, a purely abstract phenomenon that can capture and express an idea. In 1968, Weiner created an exhibition in the form of a booklet with short texts describing artworks that readers could imagine in their minds.

year and place of birth: 1942, New York, USA
whereabouts: Amsterdam, the Netherlands and New York, USA

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