Navid Nuur

Navid Nuur devised the term ‘interimodules’ to describe his highly divergent works, which range from installations, performances, drawings and texts to sculptures and paintings. These ‘interim objects’ can be situated somewhere between the idea of the artist and its implementation in the form of an artwork. Many of Nuur’s works have a fleeting existence, and are only preserved in a publication after the event, or as documentation. Moreover, many of the materials with which the artist works (such as light, water, air or even ice-cream) are by nature transient. Although his oeuvre initially appears to be conceptual, it often draws upon a lyrical, sometimes almost romantic poetry. Thus apparently impossible phenomena are made possible, or vice-versa.

year and place of birth: 1976, Teheran (Iran
whereabouts: The Hague (The Netherlands)

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