A selection of the collection

Browse through a selection of our collection of more than 3000 works, dating from WW II until present day. In addition to a number of prominent movements such as Cobra, Pop Art, Minimal Art, Conceptual Art and Arte Povera, many of the artists represented have in the meantime come to assume definitive international status. S.M.A.K. constantly pursues a dynamic interaction between the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions. Different works from the permanent collection are displayed to relate to the exhibitions currently running. This enables them to enter into a dialogue with the works that are only there for a short time.

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Martial Raysse
Miss Nice
Jean Pierre Raynaud
Psycho-Objet Tour de Babel
François Morellet
Grilles se déformant
Lucio Fontana
Concetto spaziale
Raoul De Keyser
Camping II
Raoul De Keyser
Kalklijnen hoek
Raoul De Keyser
Camping V
Jannis Kounellis
Senza titolo
Gilberto Zorio
Thierry De Cordier
Thierry De Cordier
U.M. (De Vogel)
Thierry De Cordier
A.S. (Lijdensvanger) Studie
from 1946 until 2012