.Anna Bella Geiger

30.05 until 11.10.2020

In collaboration with the Museu de Arte in São Paulo (MASP), S.M.A.K. is organising the first retrospective exhibition of work by Anna Bella Geiger (b. 1933, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), one of Brazil’s most important contemporary artists. From the 1950s onwards, she slowly assembled an oeuvre in which experimentation and engagement are central. At an early stage, her informal abstract work evolved into an exploration of other media, such as photogravure, photomontage and video. The increased artistic freedom resulted in a thematic broadening with a focus on the social and political reality in Brazil. A certain cultivation of her peripheral position as a member of a migrant family, together with an emphasis on the domestic atmosphere, as it exists on the margins of Western modernity, have allowed her to question the concept of identity from both a personal and political perspective. The feminist, post-colonial and anthropological questions that she raises have lost none of their contemporary relevance.