.Anna Boghiguian

31.10 until 21.02.2021

Anna Boghiguian (b. 1946, Cairo, Egypt) is a curious observer of people and their ways of life. As an artist, she constantly travels the world and incorporates the knowledge she acquires into sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations. Migration is of great personal significance: the artist was born in Cairo to an Armenian family who had relocated to Egypt at the beginning of the twentieth century. Boghiguian’s work offers a unique perspective on life and reveals her fascination with the past and present, books and poetry, politics and economics. Her visual language is primarily figurative. She considers things from a personal viewpoint and reacts strongly to the subjects that move her. These feelings can range from joie de vivre to anger at the injustice in the world. In her first solo exhibition for S.M.A.K., the artist will not only show existing work but also a new, large-scale installation inspired by the industrial history of the Ghent region.

Look here at a short video about the exhibition “Understanding Places” by Anna Boghiguian in 2019 in Tate St.Ives