.Artist in Residence | Adam Leech


Adam Leech’s work (b.1973, San Diego, CA) intrigues because of its layered style and the existential questions that lie behind it. These always concern the experience of the artwork itself. In his paintings, mirrors, windows and reflective surfaces allude to a space beyond the image plane that is related to our perception. In his video works, we are addressed in a tutorial-like way and made aware of the factors that determine our thoughts and feelings about his work.

With his research into the condition of the art viewer, Leech aims at a synthesis of the human and empirical sciences, linking visions from aesthetics, anthropology and (neuro)psychology. Meaning is contained in the various concepts about art and in the confrontation with the immeasurability of the subject and the frictions between the scientific findings. The tone of Leech’s work, for example, lies between seriousness and irony, and in terms of intention, between study and play.

With the residency at S.M.A.K., Adam Leech brings his experimental approach into the museum’s coded environment. He has access to the physical and theoretical spaces, private and public activities, and museum visitors and staff. He will test his research against the (un)calibrated ways in which art and experience are defined from the museum’s perspective.

Adam Leech is a painter and video artist. Through his work he questions the condition of the medium and the viewer. The artist lives and works in Brussels.

More information on his website - instagram