Konrad Lueg .As a painter I call myself Konrad Lueg

05.02 until 02.04.2000

Konrad Lueg studied at the art academy there under Bruno Goller and Karl-Otto Götz from 1958 to 1962. He is considered one of the three main pioneers of German Pop Art, the others being Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke. In 1963 he, together with Richter, organised the \"Leben mit Pop\" event in a Düsseldorf furniture warehouse. Up to 1966 Lueg exhibited new series of works in the then renowned German Schmela, Parnass, Block and Patio galleries. He clad these spaces in newspaper cuttings and wallpaper patterns. On top of them he showed his stencil-like images - a football-player, a boxer, towels, flannels or \"Grosse und kleine Dinger\". In a lively and cynical way they reflected the cultural level of Germany’s economic golden years. He used colourful confetti, motifs in the form of a heart and decorative foil, while firmly resisting expressionism and metaphysical art philosophy. In 1967 he opened the Konrad Fischer Galerie in Düsseldorf with an exhibition by Carl Andre. His last works, the so-called Phosphor Works, which he made in 1968, enable the spectator to produce his own silhouette. Lueg had this idea patented by the German authorities before he had decided, as a gallery owner, to exhibit only the work of other artists.

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