.Faux Jumeaux 1 presented by Michel François

18.10 until 11.01.2009

François chose two identical exhibition rooms and named his project Faux Jumeaux (false twins). He asked 15 people to each select two works of art which, although very similar with regard to form or material, were created independently. Which similarities or differences between the two works come to light when ‘mirrored’ in the two identical galleries?

"Faux Jumeaux" is a collaboration between S.M.A.K., Michel François and various curators who were invited to participate in this project. François gave the starting shot with a presentation of work by Ann Veronica Janssens and Michelangelo Pistoletto. He presented Un M3 d’infini (1966) by Pistoletto in one room, linked to L'absence de l'infini, created by Ann Veronica Janssens in 1991, in the other room. The choice for these works was self-evident for François who witnessed a heated discussion between two museum directors about the striking resemblance between two cubes. The artist however was convinced that the ‘later’ work by Janssens was created completely ‘independently’ of Pistoletto’s work.

Proposition 2 - Loïc Vanderstichelen Proposition 3 - Daniel McClean Proposition 4 - Yves Brochard Proposition 5 - Guillaume Désanges Proposition 6 - Laurent Jacob Proposition 7 - Raya Lindberg Proposition 8 - Hans Theys Proposition 9 - Frank Maes Proposition 10 - Philippe Van Cauteren Proposition 11 - Rainier Lericolais Proposition 12 - Christine Macel Proposition 13 - François Curlet Proposition 14 - Joël Benzakin Proposition 15 - Lea Gauthier Proposition 16 - Jean-Paul Jacquet

Participating artists:
Ann Veronica Janssens, Michelangelo Pistoletto