.Collection Presentation

14.10 until 20.11.2011

These works may offer a moment of calm after the stream of flashing media images and film excerpts in the adjacent exhibition by Johan Grimonprez. This collection presentation is composed like a visual chain, starting with pure colour and moving through abstract paintings to more narrative, figurative works. It closes with Angel Vergara’s work ‘Le mécanisme secret qui guide le créateur dans son aventure périlleuse’ which refers to the practice of painting itself.

Participating artists:
Vincent Geyskens, Juan Uslé, Han Schuil, Alan Charlton, Jan J. Schoonhoven, Heimo Zobernig, Robin Winters, Mariella Simoni, Marien Schouten, Stefan Runge, Peter Phillips, Eugène Leroy, Mary Heilmann, Franz West, Thomas Schütte, Helmut Dorner, Wim Delvoye, Franky D.C, Mario De Brabandere, Amedée Cortier, Louis Cane, Angel Vergara, Walter Swennen, Avery T.C. Preesman