.Coming People 2011

02.12 until 08.01.2012

This year, the works were selected from the final year presentations by Rom Bohez (curator at S.M.A.K.) and Sofie Van Loo (independent curator, writer and researcher). They opted not to impose any common label on this early work by these young artists, but to use as a central focus a quote from the song ‘Thunderstruck’ (1990) by AC/DC: Now we're shaking at the knees Could I come again (please).

With work by Severine Baert, Liesje Blancke, Roderik Bösensell, Bieke Criel, Valentijn Goethals & Tim Bryon, Wiet Lengeler, Jeroen Mylle, Joke Raes, Meggy Rustamova, Peter Van Hecke and Hanne Van Rompaey. 

Participating artists:
Hanne Van Rompaey, Pieter Van Hecke, Meggy Rustamova, Joke Raes, Jeroen Mylle, Wiet Lengeler, Tim Bryon, Valentijn Goethals, Bieke Criel, Roderik Bösensell, Liesje Blancke, Severine Baert