Mekhitar Garabedian .without even leaving, we are already no longer there

02.12 until 26.02.2012

The exhibition consists of various works from the last five years, several new productions and a first look at Garabedian’s ‘library’. In his work, Garabedian examines the position of the individual and the development of identity in contemporary society shaped by migratory movements. Using widely divergent media, he examines how the rupture caused by migration continues to determine the present and how multilingualism shapes the position and psyche of the migrant. Just as his personal history is layered, Garabedian’s discourse reveals numerous references to literature, music, philosophy and the visual arts.

Mekhitar Garabedian is affiliated to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, University College Ghent since 2009, where he is working on a PhD in the visual arts. Publication The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication ‘Mekhitar Garabedian. Something About Today’, with articles by Marie-Aude Baronian, Jorge Luis Borges, Svetlana Boym, Thomas Caron, Mekhitar Garabedian and Philippe Van Cauteren.

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