Vincent Geyskens .UnDEAD

23.06 until 02.09.2012

According to Geyskens, in the context of contemporary art painting acts like one of the ‘undead’, a restless zombie from the past that cannot justify its presence. That’s why he consistently continues to question the absolute autonomy, the materials and the physical pleasure of painting.

The seven rooms on the first floor of S.M.A.K. contain works that are loosely grouped according to recurring themes in Geyskens’ painting over the last fifteen years. In addition, Geyskens has selected a number of works of contemporary art from the S.M.A.K. collection that he sees as displaying links with aspects of his own artistic practice. According to Geyskens, the ideological conflict between figurative and abstract painting as pursued in the last century is completely passé. Anyone painting today knows that he is alone. Painting is a personal way of thinking. It is an activity in which ideas take material form and it is of no importance whether it is figurative or abstract. Geyskens is interested in the physical and material nature of the painting itself, and this applies to both his figurative and his abstract works. Publication A catalogue is published in conjunction with the UnDEAD exhibition.

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