Wouter Feyaerts .PLAKKATEN

02.12 until 29.01.2012

The space is literally packed, insulated in a way that is almost claustrophobic. The placards are arranged in a dense grid structure, like a tiled wall.

Artist’s book In the context of this exhibition Wouter Feyaerts had an e-mail correspondence with art critic Wim Van Mulders. The whole dialogue has been included as a crucial part of the artist’s book ‘Wouter Feyaerts. Plakkaten’, which was produced as a joint venture by S.M.A.K., Bluebird Conspiracy and the Transit Gallery. The dialogue between Feyaerts and Van Mulders will be available online as from 29.01.2012.

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finds AND losses part AND whole light AND dark thinking AND doing fruits AND vegetables open AND closed tender AND brutal biting AND swallowing give AND take young AND old inside AND outside joy AND sorrow milk AND honey able AND want to rich AND poor order AND chaos heart AND soul work AND live eating AND drinking hard AND soft tooth AND hand high AND low watching AND choosing AND AND AND it is always AND and not OR, not even if it is about making choices. Wouter Feyaerts

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