Maria Nordman .G E O - A E S T H E T I C S

22.06 until 22.09.2013

“And this flow of light which could produce a place, this flow of air which could produce a sound, all of it remaining unpredictable, this incidence could have a moment of hesitation, in the case that at least two people are there.” Maria Nordman (POIEMA Notizen / Notes 1970 -, 1982)

GEO-AESTHETICS an exhibition of Maria Nordman’s work from a period of several decades and the present, opens from 6/21/2013 until September 22, 2013 outside and inside of SMAK Gent. “Maria Nordman is an artist having developed a long standing relation with the city of Ghent and its Museum of Contemporary Art. Could we call her an artist who develops since several decades an artistic vision whereby the interaction and intersection between a.o. sculpture, nature, language and time is being re-validated and reconsidered? An artist who seeks to reflect and rediscover the real notion of culture and the city?” Philippe Van Cauteren (letter from March 18, 2013) More information

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