.From the Collection

17.05 until 24.08.2014

The show exemplifies a range of themes – from the serial mode to the iconic portrait, from linear to non-linear narration, from the clear image to the limits of readability. Work will be shown by Robert Barry, Bernd + Hilla Becher, Pierre Bismuth, Dirk Braeckman, Stan Douglas, Peter Downsbrough, Roe Ethridge, Jef Geys, Rodney Graham, Jonathan Horowitz, Douglas Huebler, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Zoe Leonard, Louise Lawler, Willem Oorebeek, Thomas Ruff and James Welling.

Participating artists:
Pierre Bismuth, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Robert Barry, Willem Oorebeek, Roe Ethridge, Thomas Ruff, Zoe Leonard, Louise Lawler, Douglas Huebler, Jonathan Horowitz, Rodney Graham, Peter Downsbrough, Stan Douglas, Jef Geys, Dirk Braeckman