.A | Ayşe Erkmen & Ann Veronica Janssens

31.10 until 14.02.2016

For both Ayşe Erkmen (Istanbul, Turkey) and Ann Veronica Janssens (Folkestone, UK), sculpture is a notion that amply transcends the three-dimensional nature of the artwork and the spatial relationship between the image and the viewer. On the basis of her interest in the historical and social context in which art is born, Erkmen makes invisible structures in our surroundings visible. Janssens works on the elusive moment when body and light come together and employs light, colour and sound to examine the perception of space and movement. In spring 2016, these artists will each be making a permanent sculpture for the Korenmarkt, commissioned by Ghent City Council. The S.M.A.K. is taking this opportunity to set the designs in a broader context. This double exhibition is part of Europalia Turkey 2015-16.

Participating artists:
Ayşe Erkmen, Ann Veronica Janssens, Ann Veronica Janssens, Ayşe Erkmen