Rinus Van de Velde .Donogoo Tonka

05.03 until 05.06.2016

Rinus Van de Velde (1983, Leuven, Belgium) draws himself as an actor in the biography of an imaginary artist. He builds up his life stories on the basis of found photos and photos of scenes he stages himself. In this context he assumes the identity of various characters. The large, detailed images are accompanied by texts that establish a context. The drawings look virtuosic, direct, light and cool. But you soon discover the underlying layers: cutting irony, thorough research, visual intelligence, a free imagination and great sensitivity. Van de Velde draws in charcoal. This enables him to work fast and in a consistent style, and brings out the documentary archive nature of his work better. For the S.M.A.K., Van de Velde is making a new installation with drawings. 


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