Anna Boghiguian depicts Ghent’s cotton past

In her exhibition for S.M.A.K. Anna Boghiguian traces the history of the global cotton trade.
She focuses on the city of Ghent, which has a strong connection with this raw material.

Prior to her solo exhibitions, Anna Boghiguian usually stays for a longer period of time in the city or region where she will present her work. In this way she immersed herself in the local history and culture of Ghent and then created an installation on the spot:
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Anna Boghiguian takes you on a fascinating journey through the cotton industry of the city of Ghent, which unleashed the start of the industrial revolution on the European continent. The seemingly very colourful drawings and life-size cut-out figures dig deep into the city's history: we see spinning and weaving machines, ships loaded with bales of cotton and Congolese cotton pickers. At the same time they also expose social exploitation, the exploitation of land and forced labour in Congo.  

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