Jac Leirner | Sunday 14 April 2019 at 11 am

Jac Leirner, Corpus Delicti, mixed media, 1987-1992
Jac Leirner, Corpus Delicti, mixed media, 1987-1992

The work ‘Corpus Deliciti’ by Jac Leirner is currently on display at the museum in the collection exhibition. In an artist talk, we take a closer look at this artist’s oeuvre.

Since the mid 1980s, the Brazilian artist Jac Leirner (b. 1961, São Paulo) has been working on a subtle analysis of systems of social representation. In her work, the artist collects industrially produced and everyday objects from her immediate environment. She combines these in new configurations that explore notions such as repetition, obsession, addiction and value. The aesthetic of her collages, installations and sculptures thereby responds to the socio-cultural layers of meaning inherent in the objects. In 2019, Jac Leirner will be receiving the renowned Wolfgang Hahn Prize, which goes hand in hand with a solo exhibition at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

The work ‘Corpus Deliciti’ (1987-1992) which is currently on display at the museum, is the product of her burgeoning international career in the early 1990s and consists of objects such as headphones, serviettes, luggage labels, boarding passes and aeroplane ashtrays (which have since become obsolete). In this discussion, the artist looks in greater depth at the meaning of these processes of accumulation, and at collecting as an artistic methodology.

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  • Sunday 14 April 2019 at 11 am.
  • In English.
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