Summer Salon 2020 Kunsthal Gent - Buy Local

S.M.A.K. supports the 'Zomersalon 2020 - Buy Local' exhibition project with a large group of Ghent organizations. 


Zomersalon 2020 offers the unique opportunity to support an artist directly by buying a work. For many artists, the corona crisis meant postponement and cancellation of exhibitions, and thus the loss of much-needed income.

Therefore, the entire exhibition is for sale. You will find works ranging from 55 to 11,200 euros, from very small up to a maximum of 1.5 x 1.5 m. Kunsthal Gent puts interested buyers in direct contact with the artist.


On 17 July, in collaboration with Croxhapox and Kunsthal Gent, De Gentse Cultuurzomer (Ghent Summer of Culture) will launch an online platform on which all the works from the Summer Salon can be found. Anyone interested will also be able to buy an artwork from the Summer Salon here.

The Summer Salon is a nod to the former 'Kunstsalon' during the Gentse Feesten: a competition for artists from Ghent that took place every two years from 1995 to 2011 in the Sint Pietersabdij (Saint Peter's Abbey), organised by the City of Ghent.

These partners help to make Zomersalon 2020 a success: 
019, Art Cinema OFFoff, Barbé-Urbain Gallery, Bebe Books, BLANCO, BOEKS, Campo, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Convent, Cultuur Gent, Curatorial Studies at KASK, Croxhapox, Cultuurloket, De Curieuze Collectie, Dekenij Patershol, David vzw, De Centrale, De Gentse Cultuurzomer, De Koer, Emergent, Engagement Gent, Experimental Intermedia, Tatjana Pieters, Gents Kunstenoverleg, Gouvernement, Het Balanseer, HISK, In De Ruimte, KIOSK, Kolder, Kristof De Clercq Gallery, Kunst in Huis, Les Voizines, Lysterinck, Manoeuvre, mentormentor, Museum Dr. Guislain, NADAR, Nein, NOGallery, NUCLEO, P/ROPS, PostX, Posture Editions, Re-Mains, Roger Raveel Museum, Rufus Gallery, S.M.A.K., Stad Gent, Subbacultcha, VOEM, Vooruit, Yart, Zebrastraat, ...


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