HAPPENING 20 years of S.M.A.K. | 18 & 19 May 2019

Performances, concerts, workshops and interventions to mark 20 years of S.M.A.K. on Saturday 18 May and Sunday 19 May 2019.

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, S.M.A.K. and MSK are inviting artists, musicians, poets, dancers, writers and societies, etc. to contribute to today’s museum and to formulate suggestions for the museum of tomorrow.

Over the course of the weekend, an unusual programme will unfold. Direct, short, long, silent and loud interventions will follow on from one another in a continuous and logic-defying stream. Although widely divergent, none of these moments will lose sight of the museum and the collection. All of this takes place inside and outside S.M.A.K., MSK and the Floraliënhal.

We are offering a wide range of activities for children. There is also the possibility to eat and drink something in the museum cafés and in the Floraliën Hall.. 

Practical information

With 019: Klaas Rommelaere, action zoo humain, Angel Vergara, Apparatus 22, Bart Stolle, Ben Benaouisse, Benjamin Verdonck, buren, cinemaximiliaan, De Propere Fanfare van de Vieze Gasten, Dirk Veulemans, Els Moors & Miriam Rohde, Friends of S.M.A.K.: Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Eva Luna Moons – Petra Pucekova – Marthe Thys – Nicolas Van Laere, Filip Rathé, Fluwelen Koord, G A U S S, Grace Ndiritu, Guillaume Bijl, Guy Woueté, Hannah Mevis, honoré d’O, Inge Braeckman, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Joris Van de Moortel & SPECTRA Ensemble o.l.v. Filip Rathé en i.s.m. Thomas de Prins, Kristof Van Gestel & Gezeever, Laura Nsengiyumva & Joachim Ben Yakoub, Les Brasseurs: Armand Lestard - Baptiste Brunello & Aurélie William Levaux - Eric Therer / Quelques piétons - Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier - Messieurs Delmotte, Loek Grootjans, Maarten Inghels, Mama’s Open Mic, Maria Degrève / Lieve D’hondt, Marie Julia Bollansée, Mauro Pawlowski, Lien Van Ranst, Lieselotte Vloeberghs, Mais Quelle Chanson, Michiel Alberts, Monday Wilkinson, Pierre Muylle, Platform-K en Break-out, Robbert & Frank Frank & Robbert, Roel Heremans, Ruben Nachtergaele, Shervin Kianersi Haghighi & Christian Hansen, SPECTRA Ensemble, Stefaan Dheedene, The Valerie Solana’s, Teun Verbruggen & Andrew Claes, Vedran Kopljar, Young Friends of S.M.A.K.: buren.

Workshops & activities by S.M.A.K., BILL, Ciné Martiko, CIRQ, Everblock Systems, Jeugd & Poëzie, MishMash, MSK Educatie, MSK Schoonvolk, Ruben Nachtergaele, S.M.A.K. Gouden Gidsen, S.M.A.K. restauratieteam, Stad Gent jeugdanimatoren and Topo Copy.

Guidelines for a smooth visit during COVID-19