Creative self-portraits by DUO²-Ghent

Workshop Rose Wylie DUO2 images Eva Vlonk 9

Inspired by Rose Wylie's exhibition 'picky people notice...,' the young people of DUO²-Ghent set to work on the theme of identity.

How do you look at life? What and who is important to you? What does your world look like? The pupils of DUO²-Ghent started working on these questions in December 2022 and were guided by the works of Rose Wylie. Under the guidance of Anja Hellebaut, the youngsters made video work with their creative self-portraits.

Together with DUO²-Ghent, formerly the Centre Learning & Working, and mentor mentor, S.M.A.K. realises workshop trajectories for young people with a bumpy school path. We challenge young people to react artistically to the works displayed in the museum. This gives them the chance to develop in new fields.

With thanks to the Engie Foundation.

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