Zine Zine Zine | Together with the detainees of ‘De Nieuwe Wandeling’

Topo Copy with Liesbeth De Stercke.
Topo Copy with Liesbeth De Stercke.

Artists and detainees together create a fanzine. 

This autumn, a new project will start in the prison in Ghent, which follows on from the project 'The Borderline Books', in which students from the SKI in Ghent communicated with prisoners by means of drawing.

During a series of workshops, the inmates of the prison in Ghent and the graphic artists of Topo Copy will together create a series of fanzines for and by the residents of the prison.

Topo Copy already shared some results via Facebook, click here.
This is a collaboration between S.M.A.K., Topo Copy and De Rode Antraciet. 

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