Finissage Performance Tarek Atoui


On the closing day of 'the Shore / a place I'd like to be', artist Tarek Atoui will give a performance in the exhibition.

Sound is at the core of Tarek Atoui's (b1980, Beirut, Lebanon) artistic practice. An electro-acoustic composer and artist, Atoui is known for the sonic-sculptural landscapes he creates based on sound, image, matter, space, time, human and organic activity. In these inventive listening environments, which not only appeal to hearing, he creates rich experiences and interactions that carry both sensory and socio-political meanings.

Another performance will take place during this final weekend, by Tarek Atoui and with musicians he invites.

  • Sun.25.Aug., 15:00-18:00 continuously
  • Free with museum ticket

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