Letters to Artists

Year: 2020
Size: 13 x 18 cm
Number of pages: 352
Languages: EN - DU

Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren
Price: 24.5 euro euro
ISBN: 9789492677303

Philippe Van Cauteren has for many years been writing letters to artists all over the world. He directs his thoughts in a very personal manner to artists who inspire him.

Philippe Van Cauteren has for many years written letters to artists all over the world. He directs his thoughts in a very personal manner to artists who inspire him. His letters are written in a straightforward and accessible way; at times, they even verge on the poetic. They offer an insight into how a curator experiences and interprets art, and also provide a clear and succinct introduction to the work of each artist to whom he writes.

This richly illustrated publication contains over one hundred letters. In an introductory manifesto, a final letter to Jan Hoet, his predecessor and founder of S.M.A.K., Van Cauteren also defines ‘the ideal museum of the future’.

It features letters to, among others, Michaël Borremans, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Jan Fabre, Adrian Ghenie, Jan Hoet, Mark Manders, Thomas Ruff, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Ed Templeton, Rinus Van de Velde, and Vincent van Gogh.

Practical information

  • Price: 24.5 euro.
  • Buy the book in the S.M.A.K. bookshop via leen@smak.be. 
  • Publisher Kannibaal

Complete collection catalogue of S.M.A.K.

Year: 2019

Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Thibaut Verhoeven, Wouter De Vleeschouwer...
location exhibition: De Collectie (1) 1 Highlights for a Future
Price: 499 euro

This is an exceptional copy that can be purchased via "print on demand" (leen.goossens@smak.be).

Since 2019 S.M.A.K. has an exhaustive inventory of the museum collection that was published in a seven-part publication. In six of the seven parts, all works of art from the collection can be found in alphabetical order, each with an image and all related basic information.

Not only images of these 2000 works were included in this publication, but also texts about the slightly more than 300 most important artists from the collection, written by various authors over the past 5 years. Contributions were made by Katrien Blanchaert, Jo Coucke, Isabelle De Baets, Marie Decoodt, Ory Dessau, Wouter De Vleeschouwer, Lotte Devoeght, Martin Germann, Julie Verheye and Thibaut Verhoeven.

This publication also contains an accompanying text section with illuminating contributions about the history and current state of affairs of the S.M.A.K., written by Philippe Van Cauteren and Thibaut Verhoeven.

The integral collection inventory describes all works of art that are managed by the S.M.A.K. and that are considered never to leave the collection.

Works of art on long-term loan with no prospect of acquisition for the collection are not included.


Year: 2018
Size: 27 x 21
Number of pages: 238
Languages: NL - EN - DE
Artist(s): Raoul De Keyser
Texts by: Martin Germann, Bernhart Schwenk, Steven Jacobs, Philippe Van Cauteren, Luk Lambrecht, Roland Jooris. Wouter De Vleeschouwer...
location exhibition: Walter König (German and English) and Mercatorfonds (Dutch)
Price: 39.95 euro
ISBN: 978-3-96098-456-6

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Gerhard Richter | About Painting

Year: 2017
Size: 23 x 32
Number of pages: 128
Languages: DU or ENG

Texts by: Stephan Berg, Martin Germann, Christoph Schreier
location exhibition: Hirmer (German and English) and Mercatorfonds (Dutch)
Price: 25 euro
ISBN: 978-37-7742-894-9

Lee Kit - Never

Year: 2016
Size: 140x215 mm
Number of pages: 277
Languages: EN
Artist(s): Lee Kit
Texts by: Hu Fang, Anthony Yung, Martin Germann, Misa Jeffereis, Olga Viso, Lee Kit, Philippe Van Cauteren
location exhibition: S.M.A.K.
Price: 28 euro
ISBN: 978-3-86335-947-8

  More about Lee Kit

Invisible Beauty

Year: 2016
Size: 160x225 mm
Number of pages: 202
Languages: EN
Artist(s): Haider Jabbar, Akam Shex Hadi, Rabab Ghazoul, Salam Atta Sabri, Latif Al Ani
Texts by: A. Bader, A. Rashid, F. Harram, K. MacKinnon, L. Al Gailani Werr, L. Lambrecht, P. Van Cauteren, S. Kealy, S. Bekas, T. Chalabi
location exhibition: Biennale Di Venezia | Paviljoen van Irak - S.M.A.K.
Price: 26 euro
ISBN: 9788867491261

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Traces of Survival
Year: Texts by: Tamara Chalabi, Philippe Van Cauteren

From Here to There | Drawings by regufees in Belgium

Year: 2016
Size: 235 x170 mm
Number of pages: 208
Languages: NL - FR

Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Rudi Vranckx and Prof. dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove
Price: 15 euro
ISBN: 9789462301528


From Here to There presents drawings by refugees in Belgium. S.M.A.K. staff members took paper and pencils to reception centres in the Maximilian Park, Poelkapelle, Sijsele, Koksijde, Leopoldsburg and Holsbeek and invited the occupants to draw. The results are surprising and fragile, sometimes grim, but above all recognisable. On war, risky sea voyages and profoundly human grief, on football, flowers and small glimpses of happiness.

Where words fall short, images prove their universal power. Following Traces of Survival (2015), which contained drawings by occupants of refugee camps in Iraq, with this new book S.M.A.K. hopes to contribute once again to the debate on refugees and the way our image of them is formed.

The book is published by S.M.A.K. and Mercatorfonds. The written contributions are by Philippe van Cauteren, Rudi Vranckx and Prof. dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove. All the income from sales of the book go to the Red Cross, for the development of artistic projects in the reception centres and camps.

This book is a collaboration between the S.M.A.K., Mercartorfonds and the Red Cross Flanders. With the support of Fedasil and Engie Electrabel.

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Traces of Survival
Year: Texts by: Tamara Chalabi, Philippe Van Cauteren

Rinus Van de Velde - Donogoo Tonka

Year: 2016
Size: 300x390 mm
Number of pages: 56
Languages: NL - EN
Artist(s): Rinus Van de Velde
Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Ann Hoste
location exhibition: S.M.A.K.
Price: 49.50 euro
ISBN: 978 94 9208 160 5

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Michael Buthe - Retrospective

Year: 2016
Size: 280x420mm
Number of pages: 224
Languages: EN - DE
Artist(s): Michael Buthe
Texts by: Martin Germann, Dominik Müller, Heinz Stahlhut, Ulrich Wilmes
location exhibition: S.M.A.K.
Price: 30 euro
ISBN: 978 3 7757 4038 8

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Ann Veronica Janssens & Ayse Erkmen

Year: 2015
Size: 210x297 mm
Number of pages: 2 x 54p
Languages: NL - EN
Artist(s): Ayşe Erkmen , Ann Veronica Jannens
Texts by: Guillaume Désanges, Philippe Van Cauteren, Jan Verwoert,
location exhibition: S.M.A.K.
Price: 30 euro
ISBN: 978-94-9232-105-3

Drawing : The Bottom Line

Year: 2015
Size: 212x298 mm
Number of pages: 235
Languages: NL/EN

Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Martin Germann, John Berger, Ulrich Loock, Ute Meta Bauer, Alex Zachary, Oscar Van den Boogaard ...
location exhibition: S.M.A.K.
Price: 45 euro
ISBN: 978-0-300-22009-4 (EN) of 978-94-6230-095-8

Traces of Survival

Year: 2015
Size: 250x290 mm
Number of pages: 151
Languages: EN

Texts by: Tamara Chalabi, Philippe Van Cauteren
Price: 25 euro
ISBN: 978 94 6230 094 1

Drawings of refugees in Iraq, selected by Ai Wei Wei

Wilfredo Prieto, Works 1995-2012

Year: 2014
Size: 280x210 mm
Number of pages: 240
Languages: EN
Artist(s): Wilfredo Prieto
Texts by: Gerardo Mosquera, Guillaume Désanges, Thibaut Verhoeven
Price: 25 euro
ISBN: 978-88-6749-094-3

  More about Wilfredo Prieto

François Morellet

Year: 2014
Size: 210x270 mm
Number of pages: 130
Languages: NL/FR/EN
Artist(s): François Morellet
Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Valérie Nimal, François Morellet, Thomas McEvilley, Sonja Klee, Rolf Quaghebeur
Price: 28 euro
ISBN: 978-90-7567-945-8

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Art in Europe after ‘68

Year: 2014
Size: 160x220 mm
Number of pages: 245
Languages: EN
Artist(s): Art & Language, Jean Luc Vilmouth, Gerry Schum, Imi Knoebel, The Red Crayola, Tony Cragg, Victor Burgin, Patrick Poirier, Anne Poirier, Giulio Paolini, Gilberto Zorio, Hans Peter Feldmann, Barry Flanagan, Ger van Elk, Gilbert & George, Mario Merz, Richard Long, Hans Haacke, Luciano Fabro, Braco Dimitrijevic, Jan Dibbets, Hanne Darboven, Daniel Buren, stanley brouwn, Christian Boltanski, Jannis Kounellis, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, Panamarenko
Texts by: Katrien Blanchaert, Koen Brams, Florence Ostende, Iris Paschalidis, Dirk Pültau, Maria Schnyder, Philippe Van Cauteren
Price: 35 euro
ISBN: 978-90-7567-9465

Schwind Foundation

Year: 2014
Size: 240x300 mm
Number of pages: 61
Languages: FR/EN

Texts by: Jean Schwind, Jan Ceuleers
Price: 20 euro
ISBN: 978-90-8226-4104


Year: 2014
Size: 230x310 mm
Number of pages: 149
Languages: EN/DE
Artist(s): Thomas Ruff
Texts by: Robert Fleck, Martin Germann, Gregor Jansen, Valeria Liebermann, Philippe Van Cauteren
Price: 24.80 euro
ISBN: 978 94 91843 17 4

  More about Thomas Ruff

Of Spirits and Empty Spaces

Year: 2014
Size: 240x170 mm
Number of pages: 350
Languages: EN
Artist(s): Joachim Koester
Texts by: Joachim Koester, Thomas Caron, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Christopher Pinney, Clara Schulmann, Catherine Wood
Price: 38 euro
ISBN: 9788867490882

  More about Joachim Koester

Ecce Homo / Le Poseur

Year: 2013
Size: 240x335 mm
Number of pages: 135
Languages: EN
Artist(s): Jordan Wolfson
Texts by: Martin Germann, Aram Moshayedi, Philippe Van Cauteren, Esther Leslie, Linda Nordan
Price: 32 euro
ISBN: 978-3-86335-414-5

  More about Jordan Wolfson

Jorge Macchi | Music Stands Still

Year: 2011
Size: 245x175 mm
Number of pages: 215
Languages: EN/ES
Artist(s): Jorge Macchi
Texts by: Alejandra Aguado, Jorge Macchi, Adriano Pedrosa, Edgardo Rudnitzky, Philippe Van Cauteren, Thibaut Verhoeven
Price: 32 euro
ISBN: 9789075679380

  More about Jorge Macchi

Guillaume Bijl

Year: 2003
Size: 290x220 mm
Number of pages: 80
Languages: NL/EN/IT
Artist(s): Guillaume Bijl
Texts by: Jan Hoet, Florent Minne, Wim Van Mulders
location exhibition: La Biennale di Venezia n° 43
Price: sold out euro
ISBN: D/1988/3241/22

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