From Here to There | Drawings by regufees in Belgium

Year: 2016
Size: 235 x170 mm
Number of pages: 208
Languages: NL - FR

Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Rudi Vranckx and Prof. dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove
Price: 15 euro
ISBN: 9789462301528


From Here to There presents drawings by refugees in Belgium. S.M.A.K. staff members took paper and pencils to reception centres in the Maximilian Park, Poelkapelle, Sijsele, Koksijde, Leopoldsburg and Holsbeek and invited the occupants to draw. The results are surprising and fragile, sometimes grim, but above all recognisable. On war, risky sea voyages and profoundly human grief, on football, flowers and small glimpses of happiness.

Where words fall short, images prove their universal power. Following Traces of Survival (2015), which contained drawings by occupants of refugee camps in Iraq, with this new book S.M.A.K. hopes to contribute once again to the debate on refugees and the way our image of them is formed.

The book is published by S.M.A.K. and Mercatorfonds. The written contributions are by Philippe van Cauteren, Rudi Vranckx and Prof. dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove. All the income from sales of the book go to the Red Cross, for the development of artistic projects in the reception centres and camps.

This book is a collaboration between the S.M.A.K., Mercartorfonds and the Red Cross Flanders. With the support of Fedasil and Engie Electrabel.

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