Bookshop in 2016

Lee Kit - Never
Lee Kit
Year: 2016
Texts by: Hu Fang, Anthony Yung, Martin Germann, Misa Jeffereis, Olga Viso, Lee Kit, Philippe Van Cauteren
Invisible Beauty
Year: 2016
Texts by: A. Bader, A. Rashid, F. Harram, K. MacKinnon, L. Al Gailani Werr, L. Lambrecht, P. Van Cauteren, S. Kealy, S. Bekas, T. Chalabi
From Here to There | Drawings by regufees in Belgium Year: 2016
Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Rudi Vranckx and Prof. dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove
Rinus Van de Velde - Donogoo Tonka
Rinus Van de Velde
Year: 2016
Texts by: Philippe Van Cauteren, Ann Hoste
Michael Buthe - Retrospective
Michael Buthe
Year: 2016
Texts by: Martin Germann, Dominik Müller, Heinz Stahlhut, Ulrich Wilmes