Become Friend of S.M.A.K.

As a Friend you can experience everything S.M.A.K. has to offer under the best possible circumstances. You join us in advocating a new museum building and help underpin the expansion of our collection.

  • Visits to studios, museums and galleries in Belgium and abroad
  • Take part in Friends Day, with free talks, performances, guided tours and lunch
  • New Year reception
  • Travels and outings
  • Etcetera video and performance event

Our communication is mostly in Dutch, also during our activities. On VIP evenings the language is usually English.


  • Free admission to S.M.A.K. and Mu.ZEE (excl. Ensor & Spilliaert wing: 9 euro)
  • Free guided tour and talk at S.M.A.K.
  • Discounts on art editions
  • Reduction on admission to M HKA, MSK and Wiels
  • 10% discount at S.M.A.K. bookshop, boekhandel Copyright and Inlijstingen Van Beveren
  • Special price for subscription to Hart magazine: 85 euro instead of 99 euro. Request special price at
  • EXTRA for VIP members | Conversational guided tours (with curators, management and artists) and visits to private collections
  • EXTRA for VIP members | Two free networking dinners, a catalogue and an art edition
  • EXTRA for VIP members | All activities are for 2 people (partner or invitee)
  • EXTRA for VIP members | Companies can invite 10 extra (paying) guests for the dinners
  • EXTRA for VIP members | Your name will be mentioned on the S.M.A.K. website and in some newsletters
  • EXTRA for VIP members | 1 week’s priority when enrolling for our art trips

Annual fee

10 euro

Up to the age of 30 (copy of ID card has to be shown).
For 1 year from the date of joining.

40 euro

From the age of 31.
For 1 year from the date of joining.

60 euro

For cohabiting couples (with children under 19).
For 1 year from the date of joining.

Annual fee | VIP members

395 euro

Up to the age of 40.
For 1 year from the date of joining.

795 euro

From the age of 41.
For 1 year from the date of joining.

1560 euro

For companies.
For 1 year from the date of joining.

VIP activities