[Performance] Duto Hardono - 22.10.2017

Duto Hardono Biennale Jogja XII

Variation & Improvisation for In Harmonia Progressio (2017) – 22.10.2017 – 12 am

[Performance] Variation & Improvisation for In Harmonia Progressio (2017)
In Harmonia Progressio is part of a series of musical and sound compositions called Variation & Improvisation that Duto Hardono began in 2016. It starts out from repetitions of sounds, loops and the human voice. In the performance at S.M.A.K., singers vocalise the words In, Harmonia and Progressio to form a minimal musical composition. As they sing they listen to one another, act and react, just as in the most elementary form of human communication. The improvised composition takes further shape in the museum rooms. In collaboration with Vox Mago.

Duto Hardono (Jakarta, 1985) lives and works in Bandung. He is an educationalist and artist who has a great fascination for sound. He uses sound to examine the relations and conflicts between man and time. Hardono makes use of it as a material, an idea, as text with specific characteristics and as an opportunity for an aesthetic experience. He sees it primarily as an abstract material that enters into dialogue with its concrete surroundings. Creating or composing sound is an eclectic process whereby the environment and the context form the shadow of the original sound. In his work, Duto Hardono refers to popular culture, conceptual art and alternative movements. He often adds a hint of irony or black humour.

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