N. Dash

adobe, olieverf en acrylverf op doek
h. 208 cm x b. 168 cm
2017 aankoop
On the top section of this three-panel construction is a series of lines made from two horizontal lengths of string buried in a smooth earthen ground coated in graphite; the upper string has been fully removed, leaving an empty channel in the dirt, while the lower one has been partially exhumed from the ground at either end and pulled taut vertically on both sides, creating three lines from the initial strand. The bottom two panels, painted with a variegated field of deep indigo, are wrapped in bolts of dark pigment–infused cloth—its mechanically produced selvedge borders visible—which are puckered with irregular furrows formed as the wet pigment dries. The work forges an uneasy intersection of the natural and the industrial spheres, harnessing the mercurial energies of organic matter to its minimalist compositional rigor.
Collectionnumber : 6285

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