The Borderline Books

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Discover The Borderline Books, a lively exchange of drawings between prisoners and students.

Following on from the previous successful project JAILpostMAIL during TRACK, the Secundair Kunstinstituut (SKI), S.M.A.K. and De Rode Antraciet have once again set up an artistic project with prisoners.

Teachers and pupils from SKI regularly visit the prison in Ghent to stage drawing workshops. Both students and prisoners draw in 25 empty books: The Borderline Books. They repeatedly respond to one another’s drawings, thus creating a lively correspondence. The books are incorporated into the prison library, which also enables the prisoners to draw in their cells.

Well-known artists are also asked to make a contribution. The Borderline Books show that drawing is a language that transcends boundaries.

The initiator of this project was Luc Dondeyne, painter and tutor of printmaking at the Art Institute.

In collaboration with the Secundair Kunstinstituut, De Rode Antraciet and De Nieuwe Wandeling.

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