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photo: Dirk Pauwels

S.M.A.K. shows art from its own collection in dialogue with works of contemporary artists from all corners of the world.

By means of contemporary art, we seek and give meaning to this complex and fragmented world. In doing so, we make every effort to be accessible and inclusive, because art is for everyone. Because we experiment, every visit becomes exciting.

Meet artists with a surprising and visionary view of the world and sharpen your perspective. Slowly recover from the many impressions at Wilde Weide or by taking a walk in the park.

Philippe Van Cauteren Thomas Sweertvaegher 5

Philippe Van Cauteren, photo: Thomas-Sweertvaegher

From art god Jan Hoet to world citizen Philippe Van Cauteren

Under the inspiring leadership of Jan Hoet, curator and art pioneer, the former 'department of contemporary art' of the MSK got its own museum: S.M.A.K. Fifteen years ago, Philippe Van Cauteren took the helm. With a big heart for art in relation to a changing society, he looks at the art world with a broad view.

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