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Kunstenbibliotheek brings together the libraries of KASK (Hogent - School of Arts), S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art), Design museum Gent, STAM (Ghent City Museum), HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) and Gentse Gidsen. The library is located at Bijlokesite.

Kunstenbibliotheek is a library, specialized in art, open to students and members of the public. It is a lending library that holds at least 100 000 exhibition catalogues, monographs, artistbooks and reference works on visual art, art theory, philosophy, drama, performance, film, landscape architecture, architecture and design as well as subscriptions to leading periodicals and databases.

Kunstenbibliotheek is a place of study and offers it’s readers comfortable reading rooms with open shelves. The fabulous collection of artistbooks can be consulted upon request.


Godshuizenlaan 2/A
9000 Gent


T: 09 243 36 89
E: kunstenbibliotheek@hogent.be

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