Book Presentation Bart Stolle 'Meditations for Hotel Rooms'

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On Sunday 22 August, Bart Stolle will present his book 'Meditations for Hotel Rooms' in S.M.A.K. The artist will also show his drawings, physically and by means of video projections.

Meditations For Hotel Rooms' by Bart Stolle comprises 243 drawings and a letter from S.M.A.K. director Philippe Van Cauteren addressed to the artist. The drawings are the result of Stolle's daily drawing practice and reflect on technology, our mechanised world, nature and our environment in general. The idea of this project is analogous to Brian Eno's record 'Music for Airports', where he offers soothing music for airport terminals.

The title of the book tells us what to do: meditate. Like most forms of meditation, these drawings are objectless, they even seem to be made automatically. Stolle seems at the mercy of the rhythm of a plotter, converting unknown data into lines and dots, making use of hiccups and coincidence, glitches and system errors, repetition and rhythm, infected patterns. They are mental landscapes that intuitively explore analogue and digital drawing systems and transform them into zones that enfold perception with noise and silence.

Meditations For Hotel Rooms' is published by Oktober Publications and designed by Atelier Sven Beirnaert.
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  • Sunday 22 August, at 11:00
  • Room 1

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