Book presentation ‘Sales Catalogue / Verkaufskatalog’ by Kurt Ryslavy

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Follow online the book launch of 'Sales Catalogue / Verkaufskatalog' by Kurt Ryslavy and the ensuing conversation between the artist, Philippe Van Cauteren, Monica Bayer-Wermuth and Thomas Becker.

Kurt Ryslavy was born in Austria and has lived and worked in Brussels since 1987. He is a conceptual artist, collector and wine merchant.

The book ‘Sales Catalogue / Verkaufskatalog’ provides an overview of all the works the artist has created as part of the ‘Works for Sale’ series and explores the fascinating genesis of the project. The central concept behind the series is the idea of selling another artist’s work under the name ‘Kurt Ryslavy’.

‘Works for Sale’ was first presented in 1992 at Opus Operandi in Ghent. Kasper König later showed these works at Sculpture Projects Münster in 1997. Although they were subsequently shown internationally in various galleries and museums, not a single ‘Work for Sale’ has yet been sold to an institution.

‘Catalogue / Verkaufscatalog’ takes a critical look at the art market with reference to Ryslavy’s ‘Works for Sale’. The book is published by Edition Voldemeer Zürich / Walter De Gruyter Gmbh Berlin/Boston and contains text contributions by Monica Bayer-Wermuth and Thomas Becker.

Online lecture - 2.Mar.2021 - 8 pm:

Practical information
  • On Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 8 pm
  • You can follow the lecture via YouTube. A link will follow later.
  • Edited version of pre-recorded conversation between Kurt Ryslavy and Philippe Van Cauteren (subtitled in German, Dutch and English)
  • Live discussion with Kurt Ryslavy, Philippe Van Cauteren, Monika Bayer-Wermuth and Thomas Becker (in English), followed by Q&A
    • If you wish to receive a reminder e-mail on the day of the lecture with the link to the lecture, please send an e-mail to
    • Those who purchase the book before the presentation on 2 March will receive an exceptional 10% discount. Purchase via
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