NICC x 25

until 28.Dec.23
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"NICC x 25" is a multi-layered event celebrating the silver jubilee of NICC, which supports artists. From 7 to 28 December, discover a varied programme of performances, screenings, debates, an exhibition and the presentation of a new publication in Room 1.

NICC presents for its silver jubilee 'NICC x 25', a multilayered event that will take place in Hall 1 of S.M.A.K. from December 7 to 28. The event marks a milestone for the artist-run organisation, which has been dedicated to individual artists since 1998.

'NICC x 25' reflects a moment in time, where archive and aspiration come together. Expect a varied programme of performances, screenings, debates, an exhibition and the presentation of a new publication.

The exhibition - and accompanying public programme of lectures and performance - has been curated by Younes Baba-Ali, Céline Mathieu and Kasper De Vos based on submissions from the open call. Participating artists are Timo Bonneure & Nienke Baeckelandt, Guillaume Bijl, neighbours, Cel Crabeels, Katinka de Jonge, Ayrton Eblé, Sacha Eckes, Romane Iskaria, William Ludwig Lutgens, Michal Luft, Léa Mayer, Monali Meher, Lieven Segers, T.I.C., Leendert Van Accoleyen, Thé van Bergen, Pieter Van den Bosch, Kristof Van Gestel, Various Artists, Zeger Vetters.


In recent years, NICC has helped establish initiatives such as Extra City and Studio Start (now known as Morpho), promoted the development of studio policy in Antwerp, helped facilitate social security for artists, distributed model documents to support artists, and emphasised the need for adequate funding for the visual arts, all with the ultimate goal of improving the socio-economic position of visual artists.

  • From 7. to 28.Dec.23
  • In Room 1
  • During opening hours of the museum
  • Opening on 7.Dec.23 at 18:00
Programme of lectures and performances
  • Thursday 7.Dec.2023: Opening 18:00 - 01:00
    • 20:00: Performance CALL SERVICE by buren in Room 1
    • unannounced: Balloon performance HBD NICC by Zeger Vetters in Room 1
  • Sunday 10.Dec.2023
    • 11:00: conversation guide de Collectieve Collectie by Kristof Van Gestel in Auditorium S.M.A.K. (EN/NL)
    • 14:00: Presentation of the new NICC by NICC coordinator Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert & board member Wouter Van Loo in Auditorium S.M.A.K. (EN/NL)
    • 15:00: Presentation of the NICC x 25 publication by NICC coordinator Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert & Bruno De Vos of Stockmans Art Books, Auditorium S.M.A.K. (EN/NL)
    • 16:00: Pitches working groups in Auditorium S.M.A.K. (EN/NL)
  • Saturday 16.Dec.2023
    • 11:00: Artist Talk Katinka de Jonge in Room 1 (EN/NL)
    • 14:00 Political debate - Presentation of the NICC memorandum, Auditorium S.M.A.K. (NL)
      Participants: Jan Busselen (PVDA), Meyrem Almaci (Groen), Katia Segers (Vooruit), Stephanie D’Hose (Open VLD), Jan Briers (CD&V), Cathy Coudyser (N-VA), Filip Brusselmans (Vlaams Belang), Moderator: Laura Hermans
  • Tuesday 28.Dec.2023: Finissage
    • 11:00 Lottery draw by Sacha Eckes
    • 17:00 Performance Pieter van den Bosch
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