Finissage: the ABC of Subbacultcha

Subbacultcha ABC Highlight 2

Subbacultcha invited its community to make a collective encyclopaedia of the past year, with images and stories from their world. The result will be translated into a show in Hall 1 from Thursday 5 May to Thursday 2 June.

Subbacultcha invited their members to make a collective encyclopaedia of the past 12 months through the ABC. They share a glimpse of that world in Room 1. The most cherished visual representations and the stories behind them will be presented. Each work is the representation of a self-chosen concept, made by their own eyes and hands. By sharing information, ideas and different perspectives, they form a comprehensive visual encyclopaedia.

An important point of attention for this presentation is accessibility. To participate in this project, you do not need to have had formal art training, never have exhibited or even created a physical work of art. They allow all creative people to participate with any image, thus opening up the museum space.

In an effort to provide even more opportunities for people with creative interests, they have partnered with S.M.A.K. and TAJO. The latter organisation is convinced that only those who are given opportunities can also seize them, and it offers young people future perspectives. All profits from the publication go to TAJO.

Reflect on Subbacultcha's encyclopaedic experience, where everyone with an image, artwork, pen or idea came together to share their take on the past year.

Take this visual encyclopaedia home with you! Buy the publication The ABC of Subbacultcha in the S.M.A.K. bookshop! Participants will receive a publication on the opening night on 5 May. During the closing event on 02 June it is also possible to take your print home!

Campaign texts and poem by Dlisah Lapidus
Campaign images by Lars Boelaerts & Jonas Mergan
Publication and presentation design by Emma Raymaekers
Project management by Maria Magdalena de Cort, Astrid Stubbe & Dlisah Lapidus
Concept by Kasper-Jan Raeman & Herlinde Raeman
In collaboration with S.M.A.K. & zwartopwit - sustainable printing

Practical information
  • Thursday 2 June 2022, 18:00.
  • During Late Thursday.
  • Admission is free.
  • Do you want to visit the museum as well? Book your ticket here.
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