Finissage Philippe Van Snick Conversation with curators and Performance

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On the last day of Philippe Van Snick's 'dynamic project' exhibition, curators Luk Lambrecht and Marta will talk to Hilde Van Gelder. At 14:00 you can watch Mooni Van Tichel and Thibault Rousselet's performance in the museum rooms.

11:00 - Conversation with curators

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Hilde Van Gelder talks to curators Luk Lambrecht & Marta Mestre who will give us an insight into how they brought together Philippe van Snick's extensive oeuvre in dynamic project.

How they developed the exhibition together, each from their own vision and experience, and which aspects of the oeuvre they wanted to highlight.

It became an exhibition constructed on the basis of ten clusters, referring to the decimal system (0-9) inherent to the artist's oeuvre.
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14:00 - Finissage Philippe Van Snick – Performance Mooni Van Tichel and Thibault Rousselet

20221022 SMAK vrienden van c Martin Corlazzoli COR05570

During the Philippe Van Snick dynamic project exhibition, dancer and choreographer Mooni Van Tichel will provide ten activations together with Thibault Rousselet.

The activations are based on Van Snick's use of the decimal system and will take place in the exhibition rooms of dynamic project.

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Practical information
  • At 11:00 - conversation with curators
    • In the auditorium (free admission) in English and Dutch
    • Inscription is necessary via this link
  • At 14:00 - performance Mooni Van Tichel and Thibault Rousselet (with museum ticket)
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