Guided walk-in tour Motel Corona & Marc De Cock October 2023

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Our guides are eager to take you through Motel Corona & Marc De Cock An Imaginary Portrait during our Late Thursday.

Join our entry-level tour and enjoy our ongoing exhibitions featuring works by various contemporary artists and artworks from our collection. Under the expert guidance of your guide, you will discover the many and fascinating layers of contemporary art.

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Our guide will take you through the Motel Corona exhibition, where we will see new works of art that entered the museum's collection via an unusual route. To compensate for the impact of the corona crisis on artists, the Flemish Community purchased more than 250 artworks, 42 of which went to S.M.A.K. Discover a selection, such as Liliane Vertessen's eponymous work, in Motel Corona.

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Using works from the Matthys-Colle Collection and S.M.A.K., we depict the portrait of Marc De Cock. In 1979, he was president of the Association for the Museum of Contemporary Art, the organisation at the origin of today's S.M.A.K. The museum received an impressive selection of artworks on long-term loan from the collector couple Hilda Colle and Roger Matthys.

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Practical information
  • In Dutch.
  • On Thursday 5.Oct.2023.
  • At 19:00 at the desk.
  • Duration: 1,5 hours.
  • Price: entrance ticket + 5 euro per person (also children).
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