Book presentation NIEUWE BUREN by Bart Lodewijks


Le dimanche 26 mai 2024, Bart Lodewijks présente le livre 'NIEUWE BUREN' au S.M.A.K. Des fragments de 'Witloofstraat', un film de Griet Teck, seront également projetés.

Chalk drawings in and around a new prison in Brussels
& film clips 'Witloofstraat' by filmmaker Griet Teck

NIEUWE BUREN by Bart Lodewijks is a story about chalk drawings he makes in and around the country's newest prison. At the time he arrives there, there is only a construction site. He makes the first drawings in Witloofstraat, where the prison is also located. Soon he finds himself dealing with house-smuggler Jean-Pierre, parcel deliverer Fred, his 12-year-old daughter Laurence and a finny red moustachioed beard who lives in the bushes. The residents look forward to the arrival of twelve hundred inmates, new neighbours they will never get to know. Fourteen months later, the future residents arrive in vans with armoured glass. Bart goes in with the first batch. It is a beautiful summer afternoon, nowhere does he see razor barbed wire or live cables. He cannot wait to mean the most dreaded wall, the wall of walls. Break down the divide between good and evil.

NIEUWE BUREN was published by Roma Publications and made possible by Quasi Museum and Haren Prison, Brussels.

Practical info
  • On Sunday 26.May.2024 at 11:00
  • In S.M.A.K.
  • Programme:
    • 11:00: welcome by Philippe van Cauteren
    • 11.30: bookpresentation by Bart Lodewijks / film excerpts ‘Witloofstraat’
    • 12:00: Q&A
    • 12.45: signing session
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