Pupils of Duo²Gent work around Jan Van Imschoot

until 17.Mar.24
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During the month of February 2024, 70 Duo²Gent students worked around Jan Van Imschoot, The End is Never Near. You can see the results until 17 March in the former Broodthaerskabinet.

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The students were inspired by the works in the exhibition to talk to each other about role models. About what they want to achieve and how they imagine the future. Through AI image processing programmes, their vision came to life?

You can see the result of this until 17 March in the former Broodthaerskabinet. The discussions and artistic guidance were done by Frederik Van Gompel (Freelance 3d, video, AI Artist & Lecturer Image Generation Sint Lucas Antwerp), Joris Strouken (Freelance workshop facilitator) and Ella De Groot (Trainee Art and Cultural Mediation)

Together with DUO² Ghent, S.M.A.K. realises workshop trajectories for young people with a bumpy school path. We challenge young people to react artistically to the works displayed in the museum. This gives them the chance to develop in new fields.

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