Performance Tarek Atoui


On the opening night of 'the Shore / a place I'd like to be', artist Tarek Atoui will give a performance in the exhibition.

Tarek Atoui's exhibition the Shore / a place I'd like to be is a visual soundscape. Some of the installations in the exhibition can also be additionally activated by a guide. Are you deaf or hard of hearing? You might think a soundscape is not for you, but nothing could be further from the truth: in fact, Tarek Atoui often works together with the deaf community and deaf musicians. So there are tailor-made tours for you too.

Following dates:

06.Jun, 19:00

08.Jul, 11:00

  • Max. 15pp/guide.
  • Duration: ca. 1,5 hours.
  • Price: €5 + admission ticket
  • Book by sending a message to the dedicated WhatsApp chat on +32 476 68 37 28 (during the museum's opening hours).

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