Performance by artist duo Leefwerk


Artist duo 'Leefwerk' is touring Europe and offers the results of their artistic practice for sale. On Thursday 15 September they will be making a stop in the entrance hall of S.M.A.K. with their performance.

The art duo Leefwerk came into existence at the initiative of Niels Coppens and Roman Luterbacher.

“Since liberal thinking determines cultural policy and thus undermines experimentation, we have thought to approach the matter of gaining fame in the artistic scene as a source of experimentation and since becoming an artist can also be an artistic project, this project has also become an artistic project."

Therefore, Leefwerk will travel in a car that has been converted into a merchandising stall to sell their artistic results in a very experimental way.

With this converted vehicle, they will symbolically profile themselves as "uninvited artists, raiding the established art scene and selling their body of work as cheaply as possible.”

Practical information
  • Thursday 15.Sep.2022.
  • 15:00-16:30.
  • The performance takes place in the entrance hall of S.M.A.K.
  • Free admission to the performance.
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