Slow Art Day with mindfulness

Meditation with Grace Ndiritu in The Temple

On 15 April, slow down at the museum for Slow Art Day. Experience art in a more immersive way and sign up for a mindfulness session at Grace Ndiritu's exhibition 'Healing The Museum'.

Experienced trainer Lyuba Byessonova offers you an introduction to mindfulness and applies it to looking at art. Through various meditation techniques, you will connect more deeply with your feelings and view of art. We set you on the path to a slower and more conscious connection. Afterwards, we invite you to visit Grace Ndiritu's exhibition 'Healing The Museum'.

The workshop will continue in 'The Temple', a place Grace designed to showcase S.M.A.K.'s collection in a critical way. The Temple is also a spiritual space for encounter, transition and healing.

Practical info
  • Saturday 15.Apr.2023.
  • 9:30-10:30.
  • English.
  • Book via
  • We operate on a Pay What You Can-principle*: 5, 10 of 15 euro + valid entrance ticket.
    • *You choose the price you pay, based on what is financially feasible for you. We want to give everyone a chance to participate. By not choosing the lowest price, you ensure that people with lower financial capacity can choose the lowest price category.

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