Elke Andreas Boon

Year and place of birth: Ghent, Belgium Location: Ghent, Belgium

Elke Andreas Boon uses different media which she combines in installations. As an artist, she questions what makes human beings human and the tension that exists between satisfying and avoiding social expectations. How do individual choices function in a globalised world? After the beautiful, often sensual first impression Boon's works make, a reality slowly seeps through that confronts us with vague incertainty and the absurdity of being human. The works do not offer solutions. The questions they raise remain unanswered. However, layers of meaning and nuances do pile up. For Elke Andreas Boon, being an artist is a radical choice for freedom and a vow to remain unattached to social structures. Her work witnesses a very personal sensibility, sometimes brutal and direct, other times silently beautiful. Its strength lies in the integrity with which the artist communicates. She refuses to give us any direction to interpretation. Thus, she also forces us to seize freedom and reflect on possible meanings ourselves.

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