Oswald Oberhuber

Year and place of birth: 1931, Meran, Italy Location: Vienna, Austria

For the past seventy years, in addition to working as a visual artist, Oswald Oberhuber has been a gallerist, editor, professor, rector and exhibition maker. This versatility is also reflected in his artistic practice. His refusal to limit himself to a single artistic discipline or to develop his own style lies at the heart of the Austrian’s unruly oeuvre. Oberhuber was already alternating abstract sculpture with figurative painting in the 1950s and 60s. He consciously experimented with diverse forms of artistic expression in order to allow his art to evolve. Oberhuber was given a solo exhibition at S.M.A.K. in 1984. Two years later, he also participated in Jan Hoet’s cutting-edge exhibition ‘Chambres d’Amis’ with ‘Eine Chambre d’Amis für Victor Servranckx’.

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